About Us

about us

Specialize In Engineering Plastic & Rubber Product

We are a professional supplier and exported on the line of engineering plastic products. We can help you supply all kinds of products with high quality, reasonable & competitive prices. We are designing, producing and exporting various types of engineering plastic products.

We are sticking to developing advanced technologies in order to meet the gradually aroused new demands and market from industries of chemical engineering, mechanical, electronics, automotive, construction, aerospace, pharmaceutical etc. We are adopting advanced technologies & equipment, try to gather, control and keep up the prominent & excellent engineer, resources, technology etc. We thank to all of our trained employees and believe that we shall become the important supplier and exporter on the line Engineering Plastics & Rubber Products  in the international market in foreseeable future.

Our advanced staffs and engineer persistently supplying our clients the competitive price, premium quality, as well as considerate after sale services.

Our product range is from commercial grade, economy grade and premium grade with International standard. We do also help our clients in roles in other request according to their special request as we are specialized with our profuse product, sale, purchase and export experiences. All the above products are supplied in multiple specifications in order to optimally meet our clients’ specific request.

Worldwide importers, wholesalers, distributors are welcome to visit our factories and discuss long term partnership. Your gracious comment will be our fresh motivation and encouragement to driving us to be top supplier and exporter in this world. Our services keyword is excellence quality sincere service. We hope that we shall become your best ideal business partner and reliable friends.